Blu Vape Van 

BLU wanted a new and inventive experience to start off their latest sampling campaign. Something that would wow their rivals and set them so far above the mark in terms of luxury that it would lead no choice but to project them to the most sophisticated e-cig brand in the UK.


What could be better than the first and only mobile vape bar in the UK! We created a premium, slick vape bar inside an H van, definitely one of a kind! Set to dazzle, the consumers who are lucky enough to experience the BLU products in such a plush setting have the choice of trying a number of fantastic BLU products, from thee-liquids with all their amazing flavours to the disposables.

Not only that, an experienced BLU person can help you select the flavour that's right for you as an individual making it a truly personal experience.


The van itself houses an external sampling dispenser built and designed by Xquisite with a beautiful flush finish, making it one of a kind.

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