Cadbury Creme Egg

We created a fully immersive mobile hunting lodge for the Crème Egg Hunting Season.


Using an articulated lorry trailer and tractor unit, we created a bespoke wood clad hunting lodge including pitched roof, veranda and cab top platform. Bespoke step units were created for access and a slide out fully functioning kitchen pod kept space efficiency maximised. 


Internally, a faux bookcase with books was fabricated with a secret door leading into the hunter’s HQ. All internal walls were wood clad and various custom crème egg paraphernalia and props were created to fit in with the theme. We even made a custom egg drinks globe.


An external area was created which included flooring, tree trunk stools, heaters and branded umbrellas. We had staff giving tours of Greggs hunting lodge and even Gregg himself was in the secret hunter's HQ room making the whole experience realistic and immersive. 

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