In 2013, our client Fanta, wanted to make the most of the weather with their ‘Are you Game’ tour.  Fanta has positioned itself in the market as the ‘less serious’ soft drink and ‘Are You Game?’ was conceived to help bring to life a fresh focus on ‘play’ for 2013. 


The brand wanted to encourage teenagers to embrace good old-fashioned fun by playing with all things orange in their daily lives. 


From juggling oranges to dressing up family members, they had to complete the tasks and capture everything on camera and upload the pictures to win a prize.


Xquisite PR were given the task of rebranding the miniature buses, building and designing the fab fairground mirrors, building custom chests to fit all the fun props and wigs, as well as branding all the sampling bins, counters and supplying bespoke awnings and custom printed parasols.  We dressed it up to get the full Fanta effect!


All the items were built and designed to neatly store everything away inside the bus with room for the staff as well!

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