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The Royal Alexandra and Albert School sign the Project OXYGEN agreement

Xquisite Productions are proud to announce we have co-signed the Project OXYGEN agreement with The Royal Alexandra and Albert School.

Project OXYGEN is Xquisite Productions internal programme designed to provide more sustainable productions. We truly believe in creating a more sustainable industry and through a variety of mechanisms under the Project OXYGEN banner, we are able to continue to improve our offering and ultimately help our planet.

One of those mechanisms is local agreements with schools, state institutions and organisations that could benefit from what would be off-cut materials destined for waste. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalises the agreement between us and The Royal Alexandra and Albert School whereby we donate off-cuts/excess materials to the local school for use on educational build and design projects. Not only does this prevent waste of material but offers the children a variety of different materials that they, or the school would normally have to purchase.

Head of Project OXYGEN and Associate Director, Stewart Green commented:

“This is a really exciting initiative that not only combines tangible activity to deliver sustainable production, but also promotes social and community engagement. It is great to hear what projects the children are building with the materials donated.”

The Royal Alexandra and Albert School believes that a child’s start in life should not define their future. The Foundation exists to accommodate and educate bursary pupils, known affectionately as ‘Foundationers’, many of whom come from difficult, unstable and/or disadvantaged homes.

Approximately 12% of the school’s boarding places are reserved for Foundationers and to date the School and its founding institutions have helped support over 20,000 bursary pupils. In recent years, Foundationers have gone on to accomplish outstanding personal achievements, securing places at some of the country’s top universities to study law and medicine. Others have gone on to break cycles that have been entrenched in their families for generations. The Foundation continues its work to provide some of the most vulnerable children with opportunities to succeed, by giving them a stable childhood within a safe community that values each child for their character and potential, not their academic ability nor family background.

Xquisite Productions is proud to support The Royal Alexandra and Albert School and of course this MOU extends wider than just donating materials.

If you want to learn more about Project OXYGEN, please get in touch.

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