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Meet our Kickstarters! Charlie...

We are proud to support the governments Kickstart Scheme and have secured 6x new and exciting roles. We have been excited about bringing new and emerging talent into the experiential marketing industry and it is great to be part of such an important initiative for the next generation.

We've asked a few of our Kickstarters to share a bit about themselves. Welcome Charlie, our new account executive...

'When I was thinking about careers, I was really unsure of what I wanted to do. I had a huge passion for sports, so I assumed I would definitely be working within the sports industry. That is what most probably influenced my choice in degree.

I studied for an honours degree in Sports Management at Bournemouth University and I was so pleased to obtain an upper second class honours degree after 4 years of study.

I decided to work in the leisure industry as part of my university industrial placement. I was lucky I wasn’t completely desk bound but I felt isolated in the role I was in. I was out and about meeting clients, but had no feeling of being part of a team. I had identified something that I knew would be important when searching for the right career, being part of a team.

Through the government Kickstart scheme, I came across Xquisite Productions, where I was lucky enough to be interviewed and offered a job on the spot. I have been in employment for 4 months now and I have progressed from knowing absolutely nothing about the experiential events industry to slowly finding my feet and understanding the workings of the business to the point where I am now managing my own projects. The support from the Xquisite team has been great. I have been able to settle in really well and I feel I’m already adding real value to the company. The importance of my personal development has certainly been noticeable as I have monthly personal development meetings that focus on how I can improve my skills at work. My aim is that at the end of my 6 month Kickstart programme, I will be offered a permanent role and I will be able to grow with the company.'

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