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Meet our Kickstarters! Lucia...

We are proud to support the governments Kickstart Scheme and have secured 6x new and exciting roles. We have been excited about bringing new and emerging talent into the experiential marketing industry and it is great to be part of such an important initiative for the next generation.

We've asked a few of our Kickstarters to share a bit about themselves. Welcome Lucia, our new junior designer...

'I’m Lucia – I’m 23 years old and I have been working at Xquisite Productions for 3 months. After studying BA Architecture and Landscape Architecture at Sheffield University, I returned to Surrey last year and began searching for jobs, inspiration and direction.

Through the government Kickstart scheme, I was invited to a job fair where I met Stewart at the Xquisite Productions stand. Although I was searching for employment within architecture, later that day, I visited the Xquisite HQ with my portfolio.

I was so surprised; to find a company like Xquisite in Merstham, just 20 minutes from where I had grown up! The complex was fabulous; a training room full of greenery, workshops and print rooms that were being run efficiently, and bright, fun office spaces. I was offered a role as a junior designer, which I accepted. Little did I know that my creative journey had just started!

In the first few weeks, it became clear that the projects would be constantly changing, from vehicles to pop up stalls or bespoke furniture. To design and then for it to be later constructed in the workshop, and to experience the development throughout, was a dream come true for an architecture student. It was also admirable to see how the company was run, with weekly meetings to ensure clarity and strong relationships within all areas of production. I was able to experience working in the print room and learn the different processes from design to the finished experience.

It feels great to be using programmes which I can excel in and grow my skills. The creative studio team are very talented and would not hesitate to give tips and help develop work. They cover design from materiality, technical drawings, 3D visuals, rendering and more. I feel supported and motivated to be and do better! I am becoming more efficient using programmes like Sketch-up, Photoshop, Illustrator and learning other software. My scamps and visuals have improved so much in a short space of time.

I finally now have the stability to move out and rent nearby and every day, I feel so happy to be here. It feels wonderful to be stable, but also be able to support my friends and family. I am so grateful to be working for Xquisite Productions, and I am hoping to continue into a permanent position after the 6 months has finished.'

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