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Visualisation at Xquisite

Concept visualisation has an important role for the client - it brings an idea to life before it is physical; the emotional step between dream and reality. Our clear process allows the client to be fully involved and supported throughout the design process, allowing for subtle or extravagant changes to be added to enhance experience and achieve the brief.


(Photoshop/XP-Pen/SketchUp) The client approaches Xquisite with a concept, which is further developed and explored within personal relationships with an account manager. Mood boards and scamps are produced until a client is happy with themes, props, layout, footprint, colour palette etc. Backgrounds, diagrams and people can be added to help understand the use of space and circulation. At this stage, there is the most flexibility for radical changes.


(Cinema 4D/Fusion360) 3D renders and/or walkthroughs are then created to help reimagine the concept in a realistic and lively light, showing appropriate materials, lighting, texture, scale-models, shadows and branding using Cinema 4D and Fusion360. These are still flexible so that the finer details can be adjusted. These beautiful visuals can help create clarity if pitching a design concept and also ensure that the project will meet the expectations of the client. This can include full interior, exterior and individual units.

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS (SketchUp/Fusion 360/Illustrator) Once the dream has been achieved in visual form, we can work on technical drawings to show scale, materiality, detailing and movement for it to later come to life in our in-house workshop - built by our skilled carpenters, paint, print and metal workers.


Next, the renders and technical drawings are shared with the workshop team and a meeting is held to discuss the next steps. Throughout the build, progress photos are shared with the client, ensuring a collaborative experience and reducing any risk.


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