Tesco Stand

For their 2014 Christmas campaign Tesco wanted to kick off Christmas with some very helpful tips and demos from celebrity experts such as Linda Barker and John Whaite. Not only that, they wanted to live stream the event from St. Pancras station to two other sites in Glasgow and Manchester, as well as live on You Tube.


It was a really special event and something Xquisite were more than happy to be involved with and we only had 5 days to turn around a pristine looking 5x5m 'set stand'.  Our 'elves' had to get to work fast! We designed a stand that would have the ability to house a kitchen preparation area, fully fitted with a hot water sink, a microwave and mini fridge as well as storage and some room for the tech.


The front area supported a very smart work top, one end for gift wrapping and decor, the other with another sink and 'make believe oven' for the food demonstrations. We ensured the stand had the correct power points for the various activities that would be going on throughout the day. A couple of last minute changes to suit the area were accommodated and we were all ready for install.


The event went smashingly well, with people from all over the country tweeting in their Christmas tips and questions. Sampling continued throughout the day and #MakeChristmas trended on twitter.

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